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Anonymous asked:

What's your the most favourite episode of each season? :)

Season 1: ‘Histories’:
I really like the episode. I like the patient of the week storyline. It also has a lot of great scenes with Wilson!

Season 2: ‘House Vs God’:
Again, love the patient of the week storyline, love the ‘hilson’ moments and House and Wilson’s interactions.

Season 3:Hard to choose…but I am going to say: ‘Family’:
Just a great all round episode with some great House/Wilson scenes.

Season 4: ‘House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart’:
Because it’s the best 2 hours of television I have ever watched!!!

Season 5: ‘Birthmarks’:
It’s like the ultimate Hilson episode. Great insights to House and Wilson’s history and great classic scenes with them!

Season 6: Want to say ‘Wilson’ for obvious reasons but am going to say ‘Private Lives’:
I just really enjoy this episode.

Season 7: ‘Out Of The Chute’:
For me this episode stands out as the best episode of S7.

Season 8: ‘Holding On’:
I love this episode. Mostly because Hilson are practically canon! Candlelit dinner together, lovers tiff with Wilson running to the car and asking House to tell him that he loves him… What’s not to love!?


Anonymous asked:

Hi there. Hope your summer is going well. I'm in school right now and supper busy. Hate to ask. And I know I have asked before. But can you repost any pics of our boy from about 2009 2010. I know there weren't a lot. But you have better access than I do. I'm looking for a new screen saver. And I really can seem to find anything. Thanks : )

Here are a couple that might make good screensavers…

Or there are some good ready made wallpaper pics at sites like:


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