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Anonymous asked:

Thanks so much for posting the Getty in LA. I will always remember how sweet he was to me. And the two very big HUGS !! He gave when I told him about my husbands passing. And then he told me his mom had just passed too. I loved listening again. Brings back very good memories to me in a time when I really need it the most. Your the BEST. : )

So sorry to hear you are having a tough time, but really pleased that you enjoyed listening to the readings and that it bought back such happy memories! 

All the best


Selected Shorts: Cannolis and Carroll (Hosted by RSL!)


Selected Shorts: Cannolis and Carroll

For a food-themed series of programs, performed live at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, SELECTED SHORTS presented a wide range of funny, provocative, and touching works in which food, and the eating of food, plays a big role. Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents two of them on this show: Amber Tamblyn (with Ann Hood’s “The Occasional Pignoli Tart”) and Christopher Lloyd (with “A Mad Tea Party,” by Lewis Carroll).

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